Ozone Treatment / Ozotop

Manufactured in Switzerland by TTT, Ozotop produces a precise gas volume with a defined ozone concentration via Corona discharge technology.

"Ozone penetrates into fissures and dentinal tubules allowing minerals to flood in, providing instant pain relief. It is more powerful than sodium hypochlorite and is an excellent coagulant."

The OZOTOP provides the minimum amount of ozone required for disinfection after extractions or before inserting implants, minimally invasive cavity preparation; Periodontology for disinfecting deep periodontal pockets. Endodontics For disinfecting the root canal and the surrounding side canals.

Ozotop-power at a glance:
Fast: Ozone doesn’t need time to start working - treatment time is reduced.
Effective: Ozone reaches all areas that need disinfecting and keeps the risk of new infection to a minimum.
Safe: The dosage is preset on the device - overexposure is not possible.
Simple: Ozotop is handy, easy to manage and convenient to use.

Ozotop is effective.
Ozone has been used in the dental medicine sector since the beginning of the last century and, if we’re talking about reliable disinfectants, today it is hard to imagine dentistry without it.

The best example can be found in endodontics: whereas treatment using traditional disinfectants creates air pockets preventing penetration right to the end of the canal, the use of ozone allows the entire root canal, including any auxiliary canals, to be disinfected.

Ozotop is gentle.

  • Ozone uses a natural germ killing oxidation process.
  • Unlike antibiotics, it not only kills bacteria, but also viruses.
  • It has a strong anti-inflammatory function and aids haemostasis. So, by using Ozotop, you can keep chemicals to a minimum and treat your patients with care.

Ozotop is fast.

In contrast to other disinfectants, ozone reacts immediately on contact. As soon as ozone is applied to tissues, nerve endings are desensitized and pain is suppressed in the medium-term.

The application time is defined by the type of treatment and covers the entire disinfection process.